Sunday, April 26, 2009

(Colin Wilson)Fate-Part 2

A few weeks passed and my life was that of any normal teenage girl. I was focused on my schoolwork and just surviving the third quarter of my senior year. Yeah I wasn’t like most seniors that slacked off their senior year. No I had a full schedule with AP classes every bell. When I finally had a day with minimal homework I checked Colin’s profile to see what had been going on with BU hockey. That’s when I noticed it. The relationship status…he had a girlfriend. Go Figure…

After that I kinda ignored everything to do with college hockey.

A few weeks later I was still doing my homework at 3 am. I still had Spanish to do and I knew I wasn’t going to be done anytime soon. I logged onto my Facebook for a 10 minute break. There was a little 1in my online friends box but I didn’t even think to see who it was. I scanned the activity in the last few hours and played on my apps. When I went back to work on my Spanish I forgot to close the browser. Three minutes later I heard a pop and nearly jumped out of my skin. Realizing someone had pulled up a chat box with me on Facebook I sighed. I pulled it up and was shocked to see who had decided to talk to me. It was the Colin Wilson. The guy that had been secretly, silently running through my head in the past month and a half. It said:


I debated whether or not to respond to someone I had never met and then I decided…what the heck why not.


I finished the last problem I had around 3:25 am. There was no point in even trying to go to sleep now when I had to be up in an hour and a half anyway. I began to check all my websites when I heard that little pop again.

What’s up.

Not much, you?

I was on the Pittsburgh Penguins website the next time I heard that familiar pop.

Couldn’t sleep. Why are you on at 3 am?


10 seconds later…

Ahh ic. Wondering why I’m on?

A little…yeah.

Girlfriend and I just got into a huge fight. She was flirting with a bunch of other guys.


That was how my friendship with Colin Wilson began.

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