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Who says Boys Are Better? (Sidney Crosby)Oct 16-17, 2008

October 16, 2008

Oh my gosh! Sid is driving me insane. He is sending me totally mixed signals. One minute he’s flirting with me the next ignoring me. I think it’s time for a women’s advice.

Ding Dong

Nathalie came to the door.

M: Good you’re home, can we tallk?

N: Of course, come on in Melissa. What do you need to talk about?

M: Well, ok. It’s about…well Sidney I guess.

She nodded somewhat knowingly.

N: Let me guess. He has you confused and yet he doesn’t know it.

M: Exactly, I mean he’s flirting one minute and the next he’s how to I put it. Detached.

N: Mel, I probably shouldn’t tell you but he likes you. Just talk to him and you might get the answer you want.

M: Thank you.

I hugged her and left to ponder what Nathalie had told me.

October 17, 2008

Swish, Swish, Clang, Swish, Bang.

I was firing pucks at the net trying to relieve some stress. This thing with Sid is driving me nuts. The ice is the only place that I can get any piece of mind. The next thing I knew Sid was beside me taking slap shots. After 5 minutes the emotion in the air changed. I decided to actually run through some drills if only to escape the tension that was dripping like molasses. I was doing some drills using the boards my back to Sid. Feeling his presence I looked over my shoulders. He spun me around and pressed me flat against the boards. I began to ask what he was doing but he quickly silenced me.

S: Mel, please just hear me out.

He was almost begging me. Quietly I relaxed letting him take control. He continued.

S: Mel, I know you’re not supposed to like someone that you work with but honestly I can’t help it. I mean you’re amazing and I never thought I could find a woman who loves hockey as much as I do. Well maybe besides my sister that is.

He looked so cute and adorable that I just sighed.

S: And I know we have chemistry I mean it’s there on the ice, why not off-ice too.

He continued to blabber and just needed to shut up.

M: Sidney… he paused. Shut up would you.

He froze and looked upset.

S: Sorry I ju…jus…just.

Slowly I freed an arm and snaked it up around his neck. Gently pulling him towards me, I
kissed him soundly on the mouth. At first he was shocked, but then he responded eagerly. My god does that boy taste good. Needing to breathe I pulled away and smiled. This might be the start of an amazing thing. Oh and he’s right there is chemistry.

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