Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hockey and Blessings(Tyler Kennedy)Chapter 5

My due date was during the Olympic break and Sid decided to stay in Pittsburgh instead of going home to visit his family. I yelled at him but his stubbornness won the fight. He had moved enough of his stuff into my place so that he could be comfortable.

About a week before I was due Army came over, told me to get dressed that we were going out. I could’ve sworn the boys were supposed to have practice that morning, in fact Sid even left to go to practice, or so I thought. Army drove me to Mario and Nathalie’s where I was surprised to see a bunch of familiar cars in the driveway. He helped me out and into the house where I was accepted with hugs from all the guys and their wives. Sid was standing in the corner a small smile on his face. He winked and gestured for me to take a seat in the middle of the room.

“Ok, does someone want to tell me what’s going on here?” I asked.

“Sid didn’t tell you,” was the response I got from over half the room.

I shook my head and motioned for Sid to come closer. He nervously approached probably thinking that I was going to hit him. When he was in my arms reach I pulled him into a strong but gentle hug.

“Thank you,” I whispered into his ear. He kissed my forehead and sat himself down on the couch next to me. We did all the classic baby shower things from games to cake and finally gifts. I received a swing and highchair from Mario and Nathalie, a car seat and book of baby names from Brooks, and a diaper bag full of bottles, diapers, wipes, and a spa day from Army and his girlfriend Mel. Sidney handed me a picture of a baby’s room.

“Max, Fleury and a few of the other guys all decided to buy you the baby furniture. It was delivered last night while you were at class. They can’t wait to come up and see the new baby penguin.” I made a mental note to call all of them tonight to thank them.

“Ok time for Sid’s gift,” Nathalie said. He pulled a box out of his back pocket and placed it on top of my rounded stomach. I quickly unwrapped it and pulled the mass of tape he used to keep it closed off. When I opened the box I saw a set of car keys. Unable to speak I pulled Sid into a hug silently thanking him. He then handed me another package this one with a much better tape job.

“More?” I asked.

“This one is a little more homemade thanks to my mom and Taylor,” He blushed. “I don’t have a single creative bone in my body.”

It was a scrapbook with all sorts of pictures from the time I had arrived in Pittsburgh until now. It had pictures of the guys during practice, Mario consoling me when I found out about the baby, Sid and I picking up Army at the airport, Brooks, Sid and I going mini-golfing, and my favorite picture of Sid and I just chilling out and watching a movie. Then it included pictures of me at each stage of pregnancy as well as all my ultrasound pictures. At the very end was a premade page empty except for the pictures of my baby. As I looked through it I cried seeing all the memories I had in just a few short months. Sid then handed me an envelope.

“This is it, I promise,” He said. “Now I know you aren’t a fan of Jeff Carter and neither am I but I was talking to him and he handed me this. I wasn’t sure if you wanted it or not but I decided to give it to you anyway. “I opened the envelope and pulled out a picture of Tyler and I goofing off on the ice after the last game of the season. Before I put the picture back inside the envelope Sid stopped me. “Turn it over.” I did and was shocked to see the words written in Jeff’s messy handwriting. ‘Tyler and Stacey, true love.’ By now I was balling and Sid stood up pulling me into him. Well as close as I could get with my stomach in the way. He said our goodbyes and helped me into his car driving back to my apartment. On the way home I fell asleep.

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mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Aw. I'm glad that everyone is there for her. I really hope that somehow she finds Tyler and that they can be happy together. Wishful thinking I know, but I like happy endings.

Can't wait for more.