Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dream...or Reality(Jared Staal) Chapter 3

He came back and they started running a few drills, trying to outdo each other. They did some puck maneuvering, target drills, and skating drills.

‘I must say he’s pretty good, not many guys can keep up with me.’

After about 20 minutes they started to just goof off. They had races, came up with some crazy drills and some even crazier games. They held a breakaway challenge like at the all-star game. It was the first time in a while that she couldn’t stop smiling.

Exhausted they collapsed on the ice breathing heavily.

“Okay so I know I said wow before, but really, the way you play is amazing.”

She blushed slightly, embarrassed.

“See, I was a little concerned when coach said his niece was coming to help him, but I gotta admit I’m impressed.”

“So am I, I’ve never met a guy that can keep up with me for that long, most pass nearly pass out after half an hour.”

His face turned bright red, but the smirk was still clearly planted on his face.

“Well then, we’ll have to do this again sometime.”

With that he got up and skated off to the locker room.

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