Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who Says Boys are Better-Oct. 1-2,2008(Sidney Crosby)

October 1, 2008

M: Wow…it’s so pretty.

We had just landed in Stockholm, Sweden. We were here to open the 08-09’ season against Ottawa. We were supposed to enjoy a few days rest and sightseeing before playing. Well everyone but Sidney and I. Our schedules were packed full of interviews with every nation imaginable. Apparently it’s a big deal when the face of hockey travels overseas. In fact Sid and I were headed to do a few interviews now. We had our first interviews with the Canadian/American media. Most only wanted to speak with Sid except for the few American journalists that asked to speak with me.

October 2, 2008

After eating and getting a good night’s rest we had to deal with the foreign media. They had translators available for each of these. Sid was able to pull out his French for a few but needed help with the rest. After about 6 hours the Spanish media asked to talk with both Sid and I. The translator was sick but was planning on coming in any way when I told them to send him home. Sid obviously missed that part of the conversation. After sitting in the media room for about 5 minutes he started to worry.

S: Where’s our translator?
M: Don’t worry about it. I shrugged.

After a few more minutes the reporter arrived.

Press: Melissa ¿Cómo esta? (How are you?)
M: Muy bien y Ud. (Good, and you?)
Press: ¿Cómo le gusta Europe? (How do you like Europe?)
M: Europe es muy bonito, y me encanta. (Europe is very pretty and I love it.)
After asking me a few more questions she moved on to Sid.

Press: Sidney ¿Cree Ud. Su equipo pode ganar el Stanley Cup este año?

He looked confused as to what was being asked.

M: She said- Sidney, do you believe your team can win the Stanley Cup this year?
S: Oh…well yes I do believe we can win it this year, we have an amazing team.

Turing to the reporter I translated back Sid’s answer.

M: Sidney se dice- Sí, yo creo nosotros podemos lo ganar este año, nosotros tenemos un equipo muy bien.

She nodded and continued the interview. I continued translating his questions and Sid’s answers. Finally we were done and we were heading back to the hotel.

S: Ok what was that?
M: What?
S: You know what, just make me look like an idiot.
M: And I didn’t… I don’t know French. Thank gosh they were all directed towards you.
S: So what…I still looked stupid.
M: The Spanish translator was sick and since I have a decent comprehension of Spanish I told them to let him rest we’d manage.
S: Oh, sorry.
M: You’re forgiven.

We arrived at the hotel had dinner with the team and then went to bed.

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