Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dream...or reality(Jared Staal) Chapter 4

‘Throughout the next few weeks my dreams were plagued by thoughts of Brent. As much as he hurt me I couldn’t help but miss him. I missed his jokes, his manner, and the way his skin felt when it brushed against mine. It may sound crazy but I believe that he never meant to hurt me.’

Around a month following her practice with Jared, she was skating freely on the ice on the wolves’ off-day. She did lazy laps, and easy wrist shots. Her mind was wandering and she was on the verge of tears. He was leaning against the door to the ice just watching her. He knew something was wrong, heck the whole team knew something was wrong but no one wanted to be the person who asked about it. Seeing her crying Jared knew it was time. She was keeping something inside and it was slowly killing her. He carefully walked toward her and pulled her to him, her tears staining his t-shirt. He could care less; he was just worried about her. When she looked up at him, he wiped her tears away and smiled. They cleaned the equipment up and left through the locker room.

“Hey, come watch a movie with me?”

She nodded and followed him to his car. It was a silent ride and when they arrived at his apartment he was at her side opening the door before she had even unbuckled her seat belt. They walked into the living room taking off shoes and coats at the door. He went to the kitchen for snacks and drinks and told her to pick out a movie.
As she looked though his collection certain titles popped out at her as she remembered all the night’s spent at Brent’s. She remembered the fun and she remembered the bruises. She finally remembered the night she had blocked from her mind…the night of the breakup.

She had gone to Brent’s because though she loved him she was tired of having to explain the bruises. Ever since he had decided to move cross-country for college he had become more controlling and violent. She truly believed that it was her fault. If she wasn’t such a bad girlfriend he wouldn’t hurt her. A fight ensued and she began throwing things trying to defend herself. When she accidently picked women’s clothes that were not her’s, she finally snapped. She ended the relationship because he was cheating on her. He became very angry and threw her against his bedroom wall. He kicked and hit her for at least ten minutes. Then his persona changed.

“Well if you actually put out, I wouldn’t have to look for other girls.”

He pulled her off the floor where she had fallen during his attack and began to tear the clothes off of her. When she realized what he was doing she screamed and began to fight back. He covered her mouth and put so much pressure on her neck that she became unconscious. When she woke up he was gone, but she knew in her heart what had taken place.

She was sobbing uncontrollably when Jared returned from the kitchen. When he approached her she began to hit him. He absorbed the blows until she calmed down and then picked her up and carried her to the couch. She was crying and he just held her letting her know that everything would be ok. Eventually she fell asleep in his arms. He carried her to his room and called her uncle before grabbing a pillow and blanket and lying on the couch.

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