Saturday, July 5, 2008

I Miss You-It's Been Awhile(Colby Armstrong)

It’s been awhile…since we talked and I needed to do talk to him desperately. After I got my needed information to finish the project I called up Colby once again. I wanted to know if he wanted to help me with the final touches. Plus I needed his approval on the pictures I had chosen. He agreed to come over and ‘hang out’ as he put it. Needing to shower anyways I headed to my bedroom and picked out a cute sundress and tights. It was still early in the morning and it was time for me to get dressed.

As I walked down the steps I heard the doorbell echo in the distance. I headed to meet him and then took him to my office. He looked awed. How can you have a place like this and put yourself through college? , he wondered. I smiled and explained how I was able to keep a steady income. Once again he looked shocked. He didn’t know I worked for Mario on my free time apparently. I have many different traits. Most people only know about one or two of them. Yet I was letting him know more about me than anyone else and I don’t know why. I pulled up the pictures that I had chosen to use on my computer and looked at him. This is the last part that I need to add to my video, I explained. He smiled when he saw which pictures I had chosen.

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mrsjordanstaal11 said...

Reading this inspired me to write a little something about Colby.

Check it out.
(My Beloved Colby...How I Miss Thee.)