Saturday, July 5, 2008

Who Says Boys are Better-Info and Sept. 12, 2008(Sidney Crosby)

S-Sidney Crosby
CT-Coach Therrien
A-Colby Armstrong
W- Ryan Whitney
Mal- Ryan Malone


Pitter, patter, pitter, patter…

Slowly I walked down the long hallway that would soon become very familiar. As I got closer to my destination I could begin to smell the ice. And yes ice does have a smell. Finally reaching the opening where the entrance to my domain was I stopped and set my bag down. Pulling the zipper open I grabbed my hockey skates and put them on. At the moment all I wanted to do was skate. Gliding, I gradually got used to the difference in the ice. After doing speed drills I went back to get my water bottle. Standing at the doorway was none other than Sidney Crosby dressed in a sweat suit and his skates with his stick in one hand and a couple pucks in the other.

S: Hi, he said smiling.
M: Nice to meet you, I replied.
S: Do you play?
M: OH yeah, I’m trying to make it professionally now. Oh and I’m Melissa.
S: Sidney.
M: No duh, I laughed.
S: So you want to go pro?
M: Of course, hockey isn’t just for guys.
S: We’ll see about that.

We went out onto the ice and he handed me a spare stick.

S: Easy game, no check.
M: If you’re worried about me I can handle it.
S: Nah, I’m not worried about you I just don’t need injured before the season starts.
M: Yeah, last year was bad enough, I cringed.

He nodded and we started our one on one game. Personally I say I kicked his butt. And he wasn’t going easy on my either. I had a ton of speed and I knew how to use it. I scored again.

S: Ok. I give up…, he said trying to catch his breath. Damn you’re good.
CT: Did you have a good workout Sid?

I slid over to the bench where I had placed my water and took a huge sip.

S: Oh yeah, she’s good. He motioned to me.
CT: Well I’m glad you think so. If all goes according to plan she’ll be your winger this year.
M: I’m gonna go grab a shower…nice to meet you Sid.

I walked to the locker room, not wanting to eavesdrop…well I do but I won’t. Heading home for the day I pondered what Sid and the coach had said.

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