Saturday, July 5, 2008

Media or is it...player relations-Chapter 2(Jordan Staal)

Jordan was staying with Mark R. as I later found out. Here’s what went down that night according to Mark.

So I hear you all met your new press manager today,” Alexa said. Jordan and I nodded. With a sly smile I said, “So what do you think of her?” He blushed profusely causing my wife and kids (Christina, Cameron and Austin) to laugh. I grinned at my wife as she started to mock him. “Oh so he has a crush does he?” He turned a deeper shade of red and dinner went back to normal.

When he told me this I just laughed. So now I guess you could say the fun begins. I finished up what I had to do and then headed back to my place. Around 3:00 my work phone rang. I answered and to my surprise it was Mark R. He invited me over to dinner. I agreed and went to change. Now don’t get me wrong I dress up a little but I didn’t want to over do it. I decided to keep it simple by just wearing a sun dress. I headed over a little early and was greeted by Alexa. I started chopping vegetables after finally getting her to let me help with dinner.

“So… Jordan has a major crush on you.”

“Yeah I know.”

“So who on the team do you think is good looking?”

“Well,” I said pondering my answer. “Sidney of course,” I laughed. “And I have a soft spot for Army and Max.”

“What about Mr. Staal?” she asked me. I blushed contemplating my answer. She just smiled knowingly.

Just then Mark and Jordan walked in the door. We carried the food over to the table and then greeted the boys. I received a hug from Mark and a bear hug from Jordan. We ate dinner and sat down to relax. After a while I felt Jordan grab my hand and he pulled me to my feet. I looked at him questioningly but decided to go along with where he was taking me. We walked back through the kitchen and out onto the back porch. The stars were just starting to come out. All of a sudden he stopped pulling me close to him. I could feel him breathe and I looked up at him. My stomach was fluttering and my heart pounding.

“Erika,” he whispered slowly lowering his lips to mine. His kiss was soft and sweet. He pulled away and kissed my forehead. My head was resting on his chest.

“So I guess we’ll be seeing a lot of each other,” I murmured.

“I’m looking forward to it.” I turned around and he wrapped his arms around me. We stood there for hours just looking at the stars and enjoying the company.

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