Saturday, July 5, 2008

Media or is it...player relations-Chapter 3(Jordan Staal)

2 weeks later we left for our first exhibition game. No one knew about Jordan and I except the Recchi’s. About an hour before the scheduled practice I met Jordan down by the ice. We went out to skate and we were totally flirting. He was so easy to get along with. He was chasing me around the rink. Not looking I slid into the boards him pinning me against them. He gazed down at me his look hot. He lowered his mouth to mine and my world stopped once again. It did every time his touched mine. We broke apart for air and he lifted me up. Hockey has definitely done him good. We stood there my legs wrapped around him as he held me. I don’t know how long we stood like that but the next thing I knew there was a catcall coming from the player’s entrance. I dodged under Jordan’s arms and turned towards the entrance. The entire team was standing there.

“Gee, thanks Mark,” I said knowing it was him. He just shrugged as I skated over to them. I stopped in front of Mark and hit him on the arm. He chuckled at me. Coach T then walked out.

“I see Jordan has gotten some extra practice.”

“Yeah, flirting with his girlfriend,” Mark said sarcastically.

“Hey I put him in for a good workout.” “Don’t even say it Mark,” I replied knowingly. I turned around and started skating laps around the rink. When they started their warm-up skate, I sat down and started to stretch. Soon I was back on the ice ready to continue my workout. Coach T called me over to the bench.

“Feel like practicing with us today?”

“Sure, a scrimmage right?”

“So how do you think we should team up?”

“Young guns vs. Veterans,” I suggested. He nodded and mentally split the teams. I was on a team of Crosby, Malkin, Jordie, Christensen, Mad Max, ad Army as our forwards. Our defensemen were Scuds, Whitney, and Ekman and Fleury was our goalie. Lucky for us the teams ended up even. After a hard fought scrimmage, which we won by the way, we headed into the locker room. I slipped into comfortable clothes and started to reapply my makeup. Looking in the mirror I saw Jordan stare at me. He walked up to me and gently placed his arms around my waist. He kissed the top of my head and I smiled lightly.

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