Saturday, July 5, 2008

Media or is it...player relations-info and intro(Jordan Staal)

Sidney Crosby
Alexa Recchi
Jordan Staal
Coach T
Mark Recchi
Mrs. Staal
Colby Armstrong

One day changed my week, month, year, and possibly my life. Now you may be wondering who I am. Well let me introduce myself. My name’s Erika, I am 19 and am moving to Pittsburgh, Pa to work for the Pittsburgh Penguins. You may be thinking whoa, wait a second she’s only 19. Well I graduated high school at 15 with credits to spare. I went to UNC for four years of business classes. After graduating last summer I applied for a job as a press manager with the team. You see Pittsburgh is an obvious choice for me considering I grew up there.

Well after 2 or 3 weeks I got the letter. They were hiring me! I swear I screamed as loud as possible. So here I am today driving down the highway to Pittsburgh and my new life. I stopped at my new apartment before getting back in the car and heading to West Elizabeth. I pulled into the parking lot and entered the building. It was just like I remembered it. The smells of Italian food drifting through the air. I was seated and handed a menu. It read in big cursive letters ‘Tillie’s’. This was my all-time favorite restaurant. Every time I got to pick the restaurant we came here. I ate and then headed home refreshed and ready to unpack.

Around 11pm I had finished unpacking. I still didn’t have any furniture in my living room so I decided to stretch my muscles before bed by dancing. I had taken 5 years of ballet and tap when I was little. I turned on my radio and popped a CD in. It was full of old music from years ago. About an hour later I hopped in the shower and crawled into bed. Tomorrow I started work.

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